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Russ Savage

Director of Product Management, InfluxData

Russ Savage is Director of Product Management at InfluxData where he focuses on enabling DevOps for teams using InfluxDB and the TICK Stack. He has a background in computer engineering and has been focused on various aspects of enterprise data for the past 10 years. Russ has previously worked at Cask Data, Elastic, Box, and Amazon. When Russ is not working at InfluxData, he can be seen speeding down the slopes on a pair of skis.
Talk Title: Monitoring, Alerting, and Tasks as Code
In this talk Russ will explore how to build tasks, alerting rules, and triggering events inside of InfluxDB 2.0 with the new Flux language. Russ will then showcase how to work this into a regular development flow by using command line tools for testing, source control as the source of truth, and testing against production data.