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Gianluca Arbezzano

Site Reliability Engineer, InfluxData

Gianluca Arbezzano is an SRE at InfluxData. He is a big Open Source contributor for several projects including and not limited to Zend Framework, Docker, and InfluxDB. He is also a Docker Captain and a member of the Doctrine ORM developers team. He is passionate about developing best practices for developers worldwide and has recently been focused on building scalable infrastructures on top of AWS, DigitalOcean and OpenStack.

He is familiar with several programming languages, such as Javascript and Golang and is an active speaker at conferences throughout Europe, sharing his experiences and knowledge on projects that he is leading.

Talk Title: A True Story About Database Orchestration

InfluxCloud is a SaaS that enables customers to run InfluxDB and all the components of the TICK stack. As a SaaS, it is the responsibility of InfluxData to manage it fully to ensure speed, reliability, and uptime – all the more important considering customers rely on this service to maintain the SLAs of their own service! InfluxCloud currently uses AWS as the cloud provider, running over 1,500 EC2 instances across 14 regions and uses CoreOS and Docker to distribute and manage containers across the infrastructure. As of December 2017, there are over 7,000 containers running in this infrastructure serviced by a powerful set of tools to orchestrate and manage all databases in this vital cloud.

During this talk, Gianluca will share the architecture of the project, describe the criticalities of the infrastructure and how the team strives to make this powerful service secure, fast, and reliable for all customers using InfluxCloud.

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