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David Kaltschmidt

Director of UX at Grafana Labs

David works at Grafana Labs as the Director of UX focusing on the creation of data visualizations and analytics. Previously he worked on Prometheus & Cortex and at companies such as Weaveworks, Oracle, and Acme Packet. David has been building UIs for the networking industry for over a decade.

Talk Title: Optimizing the Grafana Platform for Flux

Flux, the new InfluxData Data Scripting Language (formerly IFQL) super-charges queries both for analytics and data science. David will give a quick overview of the language features as well as the moving parts for a working deployment. Grafana is an open source dashboard solution that shares Flux’s passion for analytics and data science. For that reason, they are very excited to showcase the new Flux support within Grafana, and a couple of common analytics use cases to get the most out of your data.

In this talk, David Kaltschmidt from Grafana Labs will share the latest updates they have made with their Flux builder in Grafana.