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Craig Hobbs

Sales Engineer, InfluxData

Craig Hobbs is a Sales Engineer at InfluxData. His experience with keeping systems performant over the years has helped to shape the kind of Sales Engineer he is today—one who enjoys solving complex problems and keeping sales people honest. His specialties include: Solution Architect, Project Management, POC Design and Development, Software Customization, Technical Training, ETL Automation, Application Integration and Deployment. Craig has a BS from the University of Illinois.

Talk Title: InfluxDB 1.0: Architecting InfluxEnterprise

In this workshop, we will share some best practices for architecting your InfluxData platform across a variety of datacenter scenarios.
Talk Title: InfluxDB 2.0: Dashboarding 101

InfluxDB 2.0 has some new dashboarding and querying capabilities that will make using a time series database even easier. Listen to Craig, a sales engineer, walk you through how to set up your first dashboard.